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Will Marijuana be Taxed and Regulated Like Alcohol and Tobacco


Regulate it Like Alcohol  One idea is to regulate marijuana just as alcohol is. This would mean in states that weed is legal, the growers will have to obtain a permit in order to produce it. The regulations would also include making it illegal to grow it in a state where it is legal and transport it to a state that is not to prevent drug crimes from increasing. Taxes would be implemented from grower to retailer such as adding on a tax of about $1,000 per year to growers, importers, while retailers and other marijuana businesses would be taxed $500 annually. This would give legal businesses the assurance that federal governments will not raid their establishment as they would be protected under these new regulations.

Age Caps  One benefit to regulating marijuana like alcohol and tobacco is that lawmakers can put an age cap on who is eligible to use the drug. Just as alcohol is 21 and tobacco is 18, this would prevent companies from advertising to and selling to teenagers who otherwise should not be allowed to use the drug.  Prevents Public Usage  Regulating marijuana means that users will not be allowed to smoke wherever they choose. This would mean smoking the drug would be typically banned from restaurants, public buildings, and near schools.  No Smoking and Driving  States such as Colorado have already begun to regulate marijuana just as they do alcohol.

There are regulations preventing drivers from smoking and becoming impaired and then getting behind the wheel. THC levels cannot reach any higher than 5 or else the driver will be fined and arrested for DUI.   Marijuana Costs the Country Billions  The ongoing war on marijuana has begun to place a significant financial burden on the US. More than 600,000 people in 2011 were sent to jail as a result of marijuana possession.

Economists estimate that each year it costs lawmakers and enforcers more than $5 billion to enforce the laws. The cost of tickets and bail has significantly impacted minority communities as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has estimated that African Americans are 13 times more likely to end up in jail over a drug related offense than Caucasians.   For the 20 states who have already legalized marijuana in some forms having regulations in place that are similar to alcohol and tobacco have proven to be very beneficial in keeping everyone safe and keeping businesses legit. While most of these laws pertain to medical marijuana it could eventually end up applying to recreational use in the near future

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